Expositie bij de Grunerie


Mijn werk was te zien tijdens de afscheidstentoonstelling van de wonderschone galerie de Grunerie
De muzikale opening op zondag 29 oktober om 16:00 uur.
U bent van harte welkom.
De tentoonstelling is op de dag van de opening te zien en verder te bezichtigen op afspraak van 29 oktober tot 26 november 2017.



Chances to change boardgame


There was an invitation to make the book cover of the manual of the Chances to Change board game which is currently being developed. I will help to support the content with images and to bringing form and content of the 12 chapters together.
As a lover of the process of unfolding, and being curious about the creative process of life I wrote my end thesis for my graduation of the 6 year training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing on the life pulse.
The life pulse is the heartbeat of life and it consists of 3 stages: expansion, stasis and contraction.
The life pulse and how to work with it, forms an important part of this board game which also incorporates other bodies of knowledge like the Theory U (Otto Sharmer), healing science, bodywork, Guesthouse facilitation (developed by Veerle deBock and others) and many more.
How can we welcome that which is and recognise what it is that is emerging out of the present moment.

The first prototypes of the game are already here and the first edition is expected in the summer of 2017.
The manual will probably become available in 2018 and is written by Veerle de Bock and Elaine McGoogan.